jango_000Jango Fett has always been one of my favorite characters from the Star Wars universe. Jango Fett was regarded as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy during the last years of the Galactic Republic. I fell love with his appearance when the Episode 2 Clone Wars released. Boba Fett was also one of my favorite characters but Jango’s silver armor stood out for me. I still remember playing Star Wars: Bounty Hunter on PlayStation 2. One day, I was wondering what to dress up for Halloween of 2014. I’m not like a person who spend hundreds of dollars for a one-day event so I decided to make my own.

Day 1

jango_001My roommate and I went to look for armor’s material, something that is silver and shiny. We got ourselves these.

jango_002Next, we printed a publicly available blueprints and cut them out.

jango_003Using the blueprints to mark the cutting lines.

jango_004After marking all blueprints

jango_006Cut each pieces with some paddings. Blue cushions are to protect sharp edges.

jango_007Chest piece.

Day 2

jango_008After spending few hours on first day and second, we finally have all armor pieces.

jango_009Now the unique helmet. You can see all those sharp edges.

jango_010We duck taped out side to smooth out the surface.

jango_011Me trying out the helmet.

jango_012Cut front part.

jango_013Father and son.

jango_014Use paper clay and cover whole helmet and wait for it dry out.

Day 3

jango_015Little bit of sandpaper and spray paint to finish off. I know it’s not super smooth but good try for the first try.

jango_016With all armor pieces and helmet ready, I bought a blue jump suit and a black vest from ebay.

jango_017Helmet and body armor.

jango_018This is the final costume look like.

Ready for battle!