Loki is an award winning Bluetooth-powered communication app. Loki utilizes Bluetooth capability to look for nearby friends or enemies and give you a notification so that you can take next action you want. If you find your friends, start an in-app video call! If you find your enemies, hide and run away to avoid seeing them.

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LA Hacks

Loki is developed during the LA Hacks 2016. With 1,000 high school and college students, it is the biggest hackathon in Southern California. This 3-day event was longest and most intense hackathon I’ve attended.
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Loki’s idea came from one of my teammate where he got caught by his mom doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. Whatever that is there is a huge need in society for an app that gives you some personal space once in a while.
We started out making an app that sync Bluetooth automatically. We then made it detects and lets you know if someone is nearby. We used BluetoothKit to send data over Bluetooth. When utilizing the Bluetooth capability, we made a single device act as both central and peripheral at the same time so two devices can communicate each other like a sonar.

We felt like just being able to detect if someone is nearby isn’t enough for the project so we decided to add a couple of more features. One was adding your phone’s address book. For the convenience, we wanted users to assign friends and enemies from their contacts.

Loki also incorporated Moxtra API to use their embedded voice/video call application within the app. This was our huge improvement because you can not only detect but also start a video call to find your friends in a crowded place once they are nearby. The application can also extend to company conferences since Loki is able to detect multiple devices concurrently within the area. If one host initiates a room for voice/video call, all other devices are immediately notified and can join the room with a single tap. The feature is recognized and we were chosen for the Best Collaboration App in LA Hacks 2016.


These are the technologies behind the Loki:


Hackathons are the place where you can test your skills, compete with others, and collaborate. That is what I learned through joining the Hackathon communities. I’ve seen people who hesitate to join hackathons simply because they don’t have the confident, but I can say that you don’t have to be a programming guru to join. I still am a newbie, but I’m enjoying the every moment of it.