Indeed Shortcode – WP plugin


Indeed Jobs Shortcode for WordPress is a simple and easy way to bring Indeed job API into your website. The plugin allows you to write a custom template to attract your visitors!

Indeed Jobs Shortcode – WP plugin
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Development Process


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to help him integrate a WordPress website with Indeed API. My first attempt was to simply install a public plugin called Indeed Job Importer. However, to officially earn a commission from Indeed Publisher Program, the plugin simply cannot store data within a database. Also, they require click-tracking for each query made. After few days of researching, I had no choice but to make a custom program to do the job.


Development went smooth since the function for getting Indeed API was simple enough to make within a couple of hours. As I was total noob back then, with no experience using WordPress, what took me awhile is to integrate into WordPress, CMS. With a help of the internet, I quickly picked up how to create a template page for my friend to use for his need. I made it simple enough for non-programmers like my friend to use the function. That was when I came up with an idea to make this publicly available as a plugin. To make this as a plugin, I studied basic plugin structures and best practice.

I used a couple of useful websites to speed up development.


Testing the plugin was done on this server. I’ve created this simple page to demonstrate the use case. Here are some screenshots.

Admin option page

Page setup


In this project, I’ve experienced modifying a custom-made program into a plugin. Unlike a custom-made program, plugins have to follow certain rules and target many users. By making publicly available plugins, I’ve learned not only how to create a plugin for WordPress but also how to follow large communities’ standards.

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  1. I tried this Plugin. It almost works, but will not change the job category even after I type in a different job category it still only posts for programmers.

    It will not change the location. If after I type in a different state it still only shows jobs in California.

    Please fix these problems so I can use it.

    • masanori

      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for trying out the plugin.
      As for the problem you are facing, what does your shortcode look like?
      Could you send me a screenshot or just copy paste the shortcode you have.

  2. Adelino

    Hi Masanori,
    Thank you for developing the plugin, I have just started using it. Under “available types” you have “[sponsored]” on your list. What value do I assign to this [sponsored] code?
    for example:
    Location: [city] [state] [country]
    Company name: [company]
    ?: [sponsored]
    Does this code call sponsored jobs on

    thank you

    • masanori

      Hi Adelino,

      Thanks for using the plugin.
      Those values in square brackets are a response from Indeed API.
      Specifically `sponsored` field basically tells you if the job is sponsored by the company, i.e. ads.


      • Adelino

        Thank you for the response. Yes, I assumed that would be the case, but how would I implement it into the “layout template”? Do I leave it empty? or what should I do? example would be :

        Company name: [company]
        Location: [city] [state] [country]
        ?: [sponsored] or
        : [sponsored]


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